Re: Аксессуары номерные "Махровые"

30.05.2023 00:50
Now passes the $150,000 airdrop, which can end at any time. On this enter, do not leave it for later. How do I start earning? - In front of 500 CATLY press the Claim button. - Then enter address of exchange Binance your USDT BEP20. When you take the address, select network BEP20. - You will receive a small amount, wait until it arrives - After that, enter the amount in the field, which you received - That's all, you get 500 Catly for it, on this sum will be charged 3%, namely 15 Catly - Withdraw to Binance from 30 Catly, they are converted to USDT and received by Binance. Link to site - If you don't already have a Binance exchange, it's here - q1zxc12X
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